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From time to time people ask me about which art school I went to but I didn’t do any further education in art.  I do consider myself to be self taught, although I do have an Art Higher from Secondary.  I did a couple of courses through the open learning option, Art History and then a Drawing course but didn’t take it any further.

When I was of the age where I was considering what to do about work or further education I was off the mind where I wanted to keep art as a hobby.  Now further on down the road that is Life I find I am wanting to do art and to concentrate on my paintings full time if possible.

I have my first solo exhibition in December 2017 in An Lanntair, the art gallery in Stornoway.  This is in the cafe/bar area and features watercolours paintings of the fishing industry in Stornoway over the years.  Some are painted from black and white historic photos and others are more recent so we get an idea of how the industry has changed over the years.  Calendars featuring a selection of the paintings will also be available there and can be ordered direct from me too.


Mar sin leibh an drasda / goodbye for now


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